Robin Neilen is the President of Cloud 9 Business Solutions (C9 Business Solutions). C9 Business Solutions provides hosted and premised based technology solutions.

Our Services and Solutions include:

Call Center Services ● Hosted Voice Solutions ● Premised Voice Solution ● IT Video Conferencing ● Cloud Storage ● Cloud Application/Microsoft 365 ● VMware Servers ● Managed Router/Security

Mr. Neilen has more than twenty years experience in the technology industries. He received his degree from the University of Central Florida in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His many years of work experience and education provide his wide range of technological acumen.

Mr. Neilen works to understand his client’s frustrations:

“You just want the technology to work.”

As President,

Mr. Neilen has a proven track record of making sure that the client’s technology works the way they want for their business. His business practices and expert knowledge in designing and implementing technology solutions make him an added value to his clients. He designs, installs, and maintain systems including LAN/WAN designs. By utilizing software, hardware, and other key resources, he is able to provide a total networked or hosted solution.

Mr. Neilen holds certifications and partnerships with:

Avaya ● Axis Camera ● Computer Instruments ● Dell ● Fortinet ● Goldmine ● Hewlett Packard ● IP Configure ● Jabra ● Lenovo ● Microsoft ● Mitel ● Nortel ● OpenText ● Plantronics ● Symantec ● VMware ● XIMA ●